The dream season for a promising Perth athlete leading the Aussie charge in the ACAC!


This week Volleylink caught up with an athlete who has been kicking all sorts of goals in the Alberta College Athletic Conference. Trent mounter, originally from Perth, Australia has lead his team to the 2017/18 ACAC Conference Championship and was awarded the "Player of the Year' in the ACAC, the first ever Australian to claim this award. Trent has spent the last 3 seasons in Calgary and it was the first championship for his time in almost a decade. Volleylink was lucky enough to catch up with Trent and find out more about his fantastic season with the SAIT Trojans. Trent also revealing to Volleylink that he will be stepping up and transferring to a new team to complete his final years of eligibility, be sure to read below to find out more.

1.     Which University do you play for, what course do you study and what year of eligibility are you currently in?

SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology), Bachelor of business, Human Resources Major, going into my 4th year of eligibility in the 2018-2019 season.

2.     Can you please sum up your overall ACAC experience in the 2017/18 season?

By far 2017/2018 was the best season I’ve had while in Canada. We had a great bunch of guys on and off the court and secured the ACAC championship after winning all of our provincial games 3-0. This was SAIT’s first ACAC Men’s volleyball championship in almost a decade. There were also a bunch of individual awards to go along with the team’s success, ACAC All-conference team, ACAC Player of the year, CCAA all Canadian. Due to making the gold medal match we qualified for Nationals which was in Victoria BC, hosted by local college Camosun. We lost our first quarter-final after going in as a higher seed and struggled to get results after the provincial championship. It was a disappointing end to what was an amazing season.

3.     Why did you choose to play in Canada initially how did it come about?

I chose to play in Canada as I wanted to continue playing volleyball and secure my degree. Being able to be awarded scholarships to cover my tuition has allowed me to not only follow my academic goals but my sporting dreams also. After training full-time at the AIS for almost two years my game had developed into a level where I was able to take it overseas and make an impact. I started by getting full match video together and then sending that to coaches in the ACAC as well as in the Usport (CIS) league.

4.     What have you gained as a player from playing in Canada?

Unlimited experience and life changing friendships. You spend a whole lot of time with the team, practice every day and play every weekend. I have learnt to manage time and manage my body by trying to keep my body as healthy as possible while still trying to enjoy the life of student athlete.

5.     What is your plans for the offseason, will you return back to Australia?

I’ll use the time off over the spring and summer to prepare for the next season in Calgary. The off-season is the best chance to give yourself an edge over other athletes and I plan to take full advantage of that. While practicing with my new team and working out 3-4 times a week I should be able to put myself in the best position for the next season. I’ll be coaching volleyball camps and general sport camps to put away some money for the up and coming school year.

6.     What advice would you give to young Ausssie’s interested in the university pathway?

You never know if you don’t try and do your research. You will be surprised with the amount of schools who are looking for international players to boost their rosters. Ask present and past players about their experience playing in Canada and to see if they have any insights into the potential schools. Enjoy and embrace the time as a student athlete because there are only a small percentage of people who get to be apart of such a fun culture.

7.     The rumours are that you are transferring to a Canada West team next season, can you reveal to Volleylink which university it is and how it came about?

I have signed with Mount Royal University (cougars) for the 2018/2019 season. They are also located in Calgary which is perfect because I already live in the city. I was contacted mid-way through the regular season by the head coach at MRU to see what options I was considering for next year. I was pleased to start talks with the coach as MRU was an ideal situation to go into after my two years at SAIT. There are a lot of behind the scene details that must fall into place to be able to change schools. It mostly has to do with academics. It was important for me to be able to transfer my credits from SAIT to the university so I could finish my degree within my eligibility. Being able to play a higher level of volleyball in the next couple of seasons will be a great challenge and one I look forward to.

Quick Fire Questions:

1. Attack or Defence? Attack

2. Canadian accents? Yes or No

3. The Student Athlete Lifestyle? Yes or No

4.  Favourite Canadian restaurant: Fusion sushi

5.  Biggest rival ACAC team: Medicine Hat College / Red Deer

6.  Australian or Canadian Coffee? Aussie better quality

7.   Favourite volleyball drill? Vollis or Wash drills

8.  What is your volleyball nickname? None

9.   Favourite team-mate on the Trojans: Tyler Latu’ila

10.  What is your spirit animal and why? Dog, Mans best friend

11.   Best time to play volleyball: Morning, or Noon, or Evening? Evening

12.  What is your ‘go to’ pump up song? Goosebumps Travis Scott / Kendrick

13.  What is the best thing about Calgary? Being a 45 min drive from Banff and the mountains

14.  The thing I miss most about Perth is Family/friends, Fremantle dockers and the beach

15.  Describe yourself in three words Glass Half Full

Matthew Hender