From Canberra to Regina, Saskatchewan, A big Aussie prospect joins volleylink to speak all things cold, flat and Volleyball!


Volleylink would like to welcome another young Aussie who has just completed his second season in the 'CanadaWest' U-sport Conference. Matthew Aurbrey is one of many young, up and coming Aussie Volleyroo prospects who has been continuing his own studies in pursuit of a higher education and memorable volleyball experience. Matt has led his team as the starting opposite and was a huge presence at the net for his team during the 2017/18 season. Let's hear what the Brisbane native had to say about his experiences so far at a university that has played home for more Australian athletes than any other.

Which University do you play for, what course do you study and what year of eligibility are you currently in?

I play for the University of Regina Cougars and I am currently studying Business, majoring in accounting. I’m in my 2nd year of eligibility.

Can you please sum up your overall CanadaWest experience in 3 words?

Challenging, rewarding and interesting.

What is the biggest challenge about being a student athlete in Regina?

The biggest challenge for me is studying whilst on the road every other week. You need to be on top of things otherwise it’s easy to fall behind when you are competing every week.

Can you sum up Regina in 3 words?

Cold, flat and friendly.

Why did you choose to play in Canada initially how did it come about?

So I was at the AIS for about 2.5 years and it was time for me to move on in order to gain more match experience and further develop my skills. I was initially hesitant about going the university pathway but it was the best option for me so I started emailing coaches in the Canada West conference.

What have you gained as a player from playing in Canada?

I have gained a lot from playing in Canada, I have been able to develop my skills and improve on my game against a strong opposition.

What is your plans for the offseason, will you return back to Australia?

I don't have any plans yet but I will be heading home for the summer.

What advice would you give to young Aussie’s interested in the university pathway?

Do it you won’t regret it. It takes a lot to move to the other side of the world but it is an experience that you will always remember. You will get the opportunity to play volleyball at a high level and study at the same time, something that not many people can say they have done.

Quick Fire Questions:

1.     Pineapple on Pizza? Yes or No

2.     Canadian accents? Yes or No

3.     The Student Athlete Lifestyle? Yes or No

4.     Favourite Canadian food: Poutine

5.     Most idolised Volleyroo player: Paul Carroll

6.     Australian or Canadian Coffee? Don't drink coffee.

7.     Australia or Canada? Australia

8.     Favourite thing to do in Regina: Hangout with my teammates.

9.     Favourite team-mate on the Cougars: Brennan Goski.

10.  Favourite town/city to travel to for away matches: Kelowna, BC

11.  -40 degrees: Yes or No

12.  University athlete life or CoE life? University athlete life.

13.  Canberra or Regina? Canberra

14.  The thing I miss most about Australia is… The weather

15.  One skill I have improved during this season: Serving


Volleylink would like to thank Matt for being apart of the Volleylink interview and wish him a great summer (winter) back in Australia.

Matthew Hender