Wass returns for a big 2018/19 season with RDC.


As the 2018/19 season approaches, Volleylink caught up with the talented South Australian setter who resides his college life out of Alberta, Canada. Thomas Wass or “Wassy” as some would know will soon return to Red Deer College for his second ACAC season and says that after an impressive rookie year, 2018/19 will be focused on winning a championship for his team. Red Deer college has played home for many young Australian’s and is questionably one of the most successful ACAC programs in recent years. Led by the experienced head coach, Aaron Schulha the Red Deer Kings will kick off their 2018 season at the “Invitational Tournament” against The King’s University on the 28th of September. Let’s hear what Tom had to say about his experiences so far exclusively for Volleylink.

Which university do you play for, what course do you study and what year of eligibility are you currently in?

I played for the Red Deer College Kings and am about to head into my 2nd year of eligibility.

Why did you choose to play in the ACAC initially how did it come about?

Its something that i was considering pursuing for a while after high school so I had a chat to some of the guys I knew who had done or were currently over there then organised a highlights reel and reached out to a bunch of colleges all around Canada.

What has been your focus since moving to Canada and what will the 2018/19 season and your second season bring for you?

My focus has been on winning a championship with the team and improving my play as well as the school side of things of maintaining my grades. The 2018/19 season is gonna be a blast with a new team and a new facility to train and play in! I am really looking forward to it.

 What have you been up to this off-season? When will you return to Canada?

This off season I have returned home to Adelaide and have been working part-time to save some money for when i head back over. I have also spent some time catching up with friends and family and also playing some club volleyball in my home team.

What advice would you give to young Aussie’s interested in the college/university pathway in Canada?

If you've been wanting to do it, commit to it and go for it. You just need to dive in and take the opportunity if it presents itself. Research colleges that appeal to you and talk to who you need too to help you through the process. It may feel like a stab in the dark as it certainly did for me but once everything was all organised and I was actually settled in Canada, it turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done.

What will be the plan once your time in Canada is complete, what is the next goal/step for you?

Hopefully be picked up by a pro team for a couple of years somewhere, that would be the peak for me.

Quick Fire Questions:

  1. Canadian accents? YES on girls NO on guys!

  2. Most disliked volleyball drill/drills? Any drill with a lot of “stop start”

  3. Adelaide or Edmonton? Adelaide

  4. Favourite TV show binge: Marvel’s the Punisher’

  5. Favourite day of the week and why? Friday, because the weekend is ahead.

  6. Shoes I will wear this season: Not sure just yet..

  7. Most idolised Volleyball player? Giba

  8. What is your volleyball nickname? “Wassy”

  9. What time I wake up? Anytime between 7am-1pm

  10. What is your dream profession?  Pro Volleyball player or Fireman

  11. Best time to play volleyball: Evening

  12. What is your biggest addiction? Sleep-ins

  13. Favourite sporting team in the world? Too many to choose from

  14. The thing I miss most about Australia is: The accents

  15. Biggest dislike in Canada? The sneaky clear ice on roads and footpaths

  16. Before games, I always eat? Banana

  17. If I played professional volleyball, which league is my ultimate? Somewhere in Europe.

  18. Best ACAC venue to play in? Red Deer College

  19. If I played another sport in college, what would that be? Basketball

  20. My team mates would describe me as? “Good Bloke”

Matthew Hender