What is Volleylink?

Volleylink is a university volleyball agency that represents athletes who strive to play and study at university or college overseas. Volleylink is a player profile based website where each athlete has a customized profile page. This allows coaches from around the world to come and view athlete’s stats and video footage in hope of recruiting the athlete. These stats will include the athlete’s basic height and weight, their study interests and other volleyball specific stats. The players page will also include a short resume of the volleyball career to date and if they have studied at any other institutions within Australia or around the world. - link to player profile page as example - 


How does Volleylink work?

- A quick explanation of the process below - 



Who can sign up to Volleylink?

Volleylink welcomes players of all levels who hope to pursue a university volleyball career. Volleylink does not guarantee the success of each player’s profile on the webpage, the Volleylink team will work individually with each player to advise them on the chance of success of their profile and pursuits abroad.


What happens when a coach selects my profile? What are the rules?

Once a coach has shown interest in a player’s profile, Volleylink will contact the athlete immediately and discuss the options. The coach only has the agencies contact details so all communication to the athlete must initially come from Volleylink. In the player agreement and declaration all players must sign and agree that “no player is allowed to engage with any coach that contacts them directly through any platform, the player must not engage in negotiations outside of the Volleylink protocol. If a player chooses to engage with a coach outside the Volleylink protocol they will instantly be removed from the webpage and be banned from any further involvement with Volleylink.

Most coaches will want to know more about the player once they are selected from the webpage, all information that Volleylink releases will be communicated with the athlete so they are aware of the university and team that is interested. Once both parties (coach and player) are interested Volleylink will then then "link" each party and will direct conversation to complete the stages of answering questions about the university and accepting a scholarship into the University. At this stage of the process skype interviews and email interactions are encouraged from Volleylink. 


What is included in my investment?

A customised profile page giving every Volleylink player worldwide coverage to coaches throughout America and Canada. For each official Volleylink player who has an active profile they will receive personal Facebook and Instagram features specifically about them so family and friends can keep up to date with the players team results                  during their season. This social media coverage will also allow coaches to see who is still available for recruitment.

Volleylink will also have its own blog page where each player will be given the option to feature on different occasions throughout their duration of representation.

Volleylink will also work closely with each athlete, mentoring the athlete through visa applications and university documentation prior to undertaking their scholarship.

Volleylink will endeavour to give the best advice for each athlete on their journey as a student athlete.


Which Universities Conferences does Volleylink work alongside?

Volleylink has connections throughout Canada and America including the following university conferences:

1.      NCAA- Divisions 1-3 (Bigwest, EIVA, MIVA, MPSF) (USA)

2.      U-Sport- Canadawest (CAN)

3.      ACAC- Alberta College and Athletic Conference (CAN)

4.      OUA- Ontario University Athletics (CAN)

5.      PACWEST (CAN)